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Drugs and Alcohol Addiction is a universal problem. There are several ways to overcome it.
Featured Addiction Treatment Program

A holistic approach to drug and alcohol treatment will no doubt pay great dividends. At the Holistic Addiction Treatment Center, not only is detoxification taken care of, but the root cause of substance abuse-stress, is addressed as well. By helping us regain our mental, physical, and personal well being, holistic approaches are the best way to lasting addiction treatment.

Among our qualified staff, we have nutritionists, psychiatrists, psychologists and fitness experts who will be only too happy to give you and your loved one the guidance you seek. With round the clock supervision and live in facilities for even your beloved ones, the Holistic Addiction Treatment Center is your best guard against a relapse.

A more holistic attitude toward drug rehab would mean more recoveries and less relapses. A holistic addiction treatment program ensures that the all dependencies are eliminated and the individual begins afresh on his way to a full and rewarding life. Ultimately lending support to an independent life and a happy re-integration with family, the work-place, community and society in general, our alcoholism and drug treatment program provides a "holistic" approach so that the addict realizes the changes required in lifestyle in relation to their substance abuse. For most of them need to develop the stability of an abstinent lifestyle.

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Inpatient alcoholism and drug treatment programs ensure that the patient is closely monitored and never exposed to the substance of abuse. Individually addressed, we offer every problem area long-term solutions that do not involve institutionalization of clients. Though supervised, we have a psuedo "real world environment" that contributes a lot to their long-term success and prevention of relapses. As the addiction treatment program speeds up, we ensure that you maintain dignity and respect.

Not only do you attain abstinence of the body but also that of the mind. The toxins are flushed out from body, mind and soul. Fundamental to a successful recovery, all three of these elements must get back to their original smooth functioning. With a three fold approach that encompasses all physiological, emotional and spiritual needs, the Holistic Addiction Treatment Program gives you a wide range of therapeutic drug and alcohol treatment programs that are aimed specifically to ensure that you are in trust-worthy, compassionate hands.

Combining traditional and holistic methods, we offer you individual counseling with addiction therapists, psychiatrists, group therapy, lectures, exercise regimen, yoga, karate, acupuncture, healthy meals, steams, saunas whirlpool baths, 12 step meetings and much more...all meant with the sole intention of flushing out those toxins.

Our therapies ensure that the body is cleansed thoroughly as well as the mind. and the body undergoes an entire re-haul by means of various addiction treatment programs including vitamin and amino acid therapy to even out moods, acupuncture to curb cravings, a gym and sauna to cleanse the body of toxins, and karate and yoga classes to teach discipline.

Founded by recovering addicts who have over 17 years of sobriety and experience, the Holistic Program has been designed with their experiences and insights in mind. With a dedicated staff of over 52 who have significant experience in dealing with addiction, we offer you free professional consultations 24/7. Call us anytime at 1-800-559-9503. Get help for yourself or a loved one today!

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