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Drugs and Alcohol Addiction is a universal problem. There are several ways to overcome it.
North Dakota Addiction Support Hotlines
Bismarck - (701) 355-6366Fargo - (701) 355-6372
Fargo - (701) 205-1953Gardner - (701) 484-0368
Fargo - (701) 212-1923Horace - (701) 369-4306

Drug Addiction Treatment, Drug and Alcohol Rehabs Recovery and Abuse

Availability and abuse of powder cocaine are stable at low levels in North Dakota. Crack cocaine is available and abused rarely in the state. The use of heroin is not a significant problem here. Almost all heroin found in the State is black tar heroin from Mexico. Mexican brown powdered heroin is also available in very limited quantities.

Marijuana is one of the primary drugs of abuse in North Dakota. Most of the marijuana available in the State originates in Mexico. However, marijuana is increasingly available from local cultivators also. Ditchweed is available easily in the southeastern part of North Dakota. Local marijuana cultivators are often armed and use booby traps and warning devices to protect the growth sites from law enforcement authorities.

The most significant drug threat to North Dakota is methamphetamine. The majority of meth found in the State is originated in Mexico. Methamphetamine is also increasingly being produced in small laboratories all over North Dakota. Because of the state's dependence on the agriculture industry, there is a high level of use and availability of anhydrous ammonia, a substance commonly used in the "Nazi" method of manufacturing methamphetamine. Methamphetamine prices are steadily decreasing in the State.

There have been reports about the availability of club drugs in the Fargo area of North Dakota in small quantities. The abuse of MDMA is increasing slowly throughout the State and occurs mainly among high school and college age students. The abuse of GHB is also rising, primarily in the urban areas. Ketamine is an emerging threat to the state. An increase in the popularity of hallucinogens in the State has been noted by the authorities, possibly attributed to the growing presence of raves and dance clubs. The availability of psilocybin is increasing in certain areas of the state.

The abuse of diverted pharmaceuticals, particularly Ritalin, OxyContin, Percocet, and Darvocet are increasing throughout the North Dakota. Ritalin abusers often follow two methods to administrate the drug. First is grinding the pill into a powder and snorting it like cocaine. Second method is diluting and injecting it like heroin. Prescription fraud and pharmacy burglary are the most common methods used in the state to obtain OxyContin.

During 2001, 0.92% of North Dakota citizens reported in the past year, their dependence on illicit drugs.

Alcohol Abuse

According to the National Survey on Drug Use and Health (2003), more than 58% of the North Dakota population (aged 12 or older) reported the past month use of alcohol. More than 25% of the people in the age group of 12-17 years and more than 73% in the age group of 18-25 years reported using alcohol in the past month. The rate among the adolescents is the highest in the country. Among the people of 26 years or older the rate is above 59%.

In the survey, more than 31% of the North Dakota people showed binge alcohol use. In the age group of 12-17, the past month binge alcohol use is around 17%. Both rates are the highest in the U.S. and deserve particular attention from the part of authorities. Around 34% reported perceptions of great risk of having five or more drinks of an alcoholic beverage once or twice a week. In the state, 10.83% of the total population showed alcohol dependence or abuse in past year.

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